Type 81 Threaded Barrel Sleeve

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This steel threaded sleeve replaces the Grenade Launching Spigot which comes installed on the T81 Fixed and Folding Trunnion rifles.

The purpose of the sleeve is to provide the operator with common .30cal threading (5/8-24) for installing muzzle brakes, compensators, and flash hiders. The sleeve also cuts some weight at the front of the rifle, allowing the operator to remove the heavy Grenade Spigot without needing to worry about affecting the whip of the barrel.

These sleeves have a precisely honed internal finish, but due to the rifle’s sometimes lacking tolerances the included replacement pin can sometimes be difficult to install, but has to date never been reported as impossible.

+ Price includes taxes

+ This product ships with a replacement pin

+ Installation does not require permanent modification to the host rifle.

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4140 Steel


Mag Phos (Feb batch), Black Oxide (Apr batch)




T81 Fixed Trunnion, T81 Folding Trunnion

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