Type81 Grip OPTIONS


To date, we’ve released 6 unique models (mods) of grips for the Type81.

Our grips are produced from a process that consists of: industrial additive manufacturing, bead blasting, and a black dye.

This process leads to strong grips with a mild “sugar cube”-like texture and a matte black finish.


Testing of our grips is a process starting with just trying to physically crush, crack, or damage the grip in any way with force. Our first batch of grips was also exposed to solvents and the sun for a few weeks. We typically do our best to deliberately destroy the grip no matter what. Sometimes we destroy a prototype, or a production model, which typically requires excessive force applied from tools.

If we’re happy with the grip on its own, then we install it and take it through different levels of use; from ordinary use, to blatantly swinging the rifle around by the grip only.

We’re happy to report that to date, we have not broken a production grip with ordinary use in normal testing, nor have we received any confirmed reports from any customers who have broken one of our grips.

Texture and Finish

The three images below show the “sugar cube”-like texture that our parts have. The grainy texture evenly covers the surfaces with excellent consistency. This is ideal for grip and for aesthetics.

Detailed Specifications

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